The Producers at NoWare Media consist of Eric Olsen, Joel Saint John Dodson, and Bryan Hanna. They have a very unique perspective that they apply to every project. 

Eric Olsen: With multiple Gold records and Grammy nominations to his credit, Eric had been banging it out in the music scene until a chance encounter reunited him with his old music cohort Joel.  Eric splits his time between audio production, sound design + recording, composition, broadcast production, artist development, + post-production supervision.

Joel Saint John Dodson: Having survived 15 years as Head of Production at Olson, Joel gained a mastery of the agency + production processes and an unbelievable Rolodex. In his time at Olson he oversaw all aspects of production including Commercial, Film, Music, Editorial, Art + Print. Joel is a multi-instrumentalist to Eric’s knob twiddling obsession. Joel spilts his time between broadcast production, composition + post-production supervision.

Bryan Hanna: A bit later, Bryan stopped on by. He immediately insisted on a Nespresso Machine and his own armless chair. We quickly obliged. Our music got a whole lot cooler the day Bryan walked in the door. Bryan’s main focus is audio recording, music composition + production, audio mixing + sound design, and overall post-production supervision.

Services and staff include Audio + Music Producers, Agency Producers, Composers, Directors, Editors, Colorists, Animators, Radio Production, Music Search/Licensing + Clearance with recording, editing + finishing studios at our facility.

Together, NoWare and their teams may just be unstoppable (or at least make pretty great stuff). 

Brands and Bands:
Post Brands
VF Imagewear
Capital One
Northwestern Mutual
Whole Foods
US Bank
MInnesota Wild
General Mills
Belize Board of Tourism
Best Buy
One Republic
Brian Setzer
Scars On 45
and many more…


The North Warehouse Media Group
(NoWare Media)

126 N 3rd Street STE# 150
Minneapolis, MN 55401

Production Services
Sound Design
Audio Production & Mix
Music Supervision & Licensing
VFX & Animation
Final Color Grading